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Moving through the Columbus, OH traffic can do a number on your vehicle, even if you don't notice it right away. Wear usually starts with the tires, then makes its way up to the engine components and your transmission. As a Volvo owner, you likely already know about the great designs and safety mechanics provided in each of our new vehicles. However, even Volvo cars eventually need servicing, sometimes more than once annually. What processes can you expect at our Volvo service center? Take a closer look at what Byers Volvo Cars can do for your Volvo.


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Services We Offer

Here at Byers Volvo Cars, we take care of your vehicle, so you can focus on enjoying every drive throughout the Newark, OH region. Whether you need a quick oil change or help with a more complex issue, like transmission repair, we can help.

Oil Changes

Some car owners choose to complete oil changes at home, but getting one done professionally can ensure quality and adherence to Volvo service guidelines. You'll want an oil change thorough enough to rid the engine of oil sediment and residue. The basic oil change filters new oil and lets the old oil pass through a drain plug. Most Volvo engines come built in a manner that requires the oil to transfer using this method. However, your engine might require an oil that you do not currently use. Changing your oil with us prevents oils of different consistencies and ingredients from mixing. After the oil drains out, we'll check to see if anything else needs immediate attention.

Battery Service

The battery doesn't reflect the first thing that comes to the mind of many motorists when getting a Volvo serviced. Battery quality remains the lifeblood of a car. Without a good battery, you won't get far from the driveway of your home. Its voltage gets checked with a DVOM reader, a quick way to discover if an old battery has gone past its dependability. After that, we'll look at the battery's exterior to see if the dirt remains sufficient enough to cause drains. In some cases, the dirt of a battery's cover can lead to it conducting, aging the battery over time. Cleaning it makes a great solution, but you should consider an entire replacement if the lead gets exposed anywhere.

Brakes and Tires

Brake wear should get taken care of immediately since poor brakes could make it hard to slow down a vehicle. Their wear remains a natural process but not something that happens quickly. We'll check your brake pads and see if we find signs of damage to the area that touches the rotor wheels. This damage usually appears unmistakable. On severely damaged brakes, you could even see signs of abrasion without removing the tires.

Speaking of tires, those also sit on the list of items we look at in detail. If your tires go unbalanced, they will reduce in quality at uneven intervals as you drive around Lancaster, OH. In such a situation, you could experience one tire going flat before the others do, and not from a nail but from a crack in the tread. If the tread wears away, the tires will have issues when gripping the asphalt and force the engine to work harder. On a good note, all of this remains completely avoidable with yearly service for your Volvo.

Transmission Check

Transmission quality must get examined periodically. Our service involves a total flush-out of your transmission if your Volvo needs it done. For a guaranteed remedy of any issues with your transmission, such as leaks, let us handle the hard work of getting it fixed for your Westerville, OH adventures. Servicing a transmission may necessitate a gasket and pan replacement, including a large quantity of transmission fluid after the flush.

Schedule Your Volvo Service With Byers Volvo Cars

Don't wait until your Volvo no longer runs as it should. Schedule service with us, and we can service your vehicle quickly. You'll see and feel the improvements to your engine and transmission when driving from our home in Columbus, OH. Our team of Volvo service technicians stays ready for any repair, and we offer service specials to make your next visit a pleasure.

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