Lease a Volvo in Columbus

Get a Taste of the Volvo Experience with Our New Vehicle Lease Specials

If you are wondering if you should lease a new Volvo, we can help with your decision. At Byers Volvo Cars in Columbus, OH, we are excited to share the options and benefits that can accompany your next Volvo. Our excellent service, vast selection, and lease specials will help you to make the right choice. You will optimize your savings at the beginning of your lease and have attractive offers waiting for you at the end.

Why Lease a Volvo?

A Volvo vehicle provides you with impressive performance, luxury and style regardless of what model you select. By shopping at Byers Volvo Cars in Columbus, OH, you cannot go wrong. We understand that financing a new Volvo sedan or SUV is not the best decision for every household.

We have impressive lease offers that allow you to put little or money down, select a shorter payment term, and enjoy driving a brand new Volvo with updated safety and tech features every few years. As your lease expires, you can easily trade for a newer vehicle or purchase the one you leased.

How to Lease a Volvo

Leasing is becoming increasingly popular with Newark, OH and Lancaster, OH customers and can be a great alternative depending on your needs and lifestyle. If car ownership is not your goal and you would prefer to have the latest Volvo models on the market, you should give leasing a try.

Get started by picking the car with the sales price, color, and features you would prefer to have. After that, please speak with our knowledgeable staff about setting up a lease arrangement that works best for your budget. After getting a terrific setup for your new Volvo vehicle, you can drive away with your dream car.

During the three years of the lease, remember that the car still belongs to the dealership. You must take excellent care of it by avoiding excess wear and tear. Also, you should stay within the agreed-upon mileage and have all the necessary maintenance completed to avoid any penalties.

Benefits of Leasing a Volvo


You get to choose your term, your mileage, and any up-front costs. Whatever way you desire to use your Volvo, we have the flexibility to accommodate your preferences.

Lower Monthly Payments

With a lease arrangement, your payments could be much lower. This is because you pay for the use during a specific time and not the vehicle's total price.

Care by Volvo Subscription

If you heard of the Care by Volvo program, you might wonder what it is about. It is a subscription program that allows you to lease with an all-inclusive monthly payment. This one fee covers the usage of the vehicle, maintenance, and many standard services associated with vehicle ownership. Also, Volvo handles the insurance coverage for you.While the typical lease can last up to 36 months, these give you the chance to cancel your subscription and return the vehicle any time after the initial four months have passed.

Affordable Lease Options are Waiting

A lease gives us an excellent chance to pair our new Volvo options with extra perks like extended warranties and more. Our finance associates are excited to speak with you about the benefits of a new Volvo lease, our lease incentives, lease return options, and why it can be the best choice for you.

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If leasing a brand-new Volvo matches what you want from your next vehicle, get in touch with us right away. At Byers Volvo Cars, we are ready to impress you with what we have to offer and answer any leasing questions. If you're in Westerville, OH or beyond, make your way to our dealership today.