Volvo’s Vision for 2020 Safety Includes Everyone

Volvo has been globally recognized for its pursuit of excellence in vehicle safety for many years, but it has only intensified this focus in the recent ones. Announced as part of Volvo’s vision for the year 2020, the Swedish automaker has made it its goal to not have anyone killed or seriously injured in a Volvo vehicle by the year 2020. This a lofty goal, but one definitely worth pursuing, and one of the ways Volvo is doing that is with it’s like of children’s seats, designed to be both comfortable and safe. What’s the point of a child seat if your child won’t sit in it, anyway?

Volvo’s new generation of child seats are made with more comfortable material, have a slimmer design to maximize legroom, and they’re designed to suit the needs of children of different sizes and ages. The line offers an Infant Seat, a Child Seat, and a Booster seat for children up to age 10. If you’re interested in a new Volvo vehicle and you’ve got children, you can use this handy online tool to find the perfect child seat to fit your children and vehicle, the Volvo Child Seat Configurator (link will take you to a new page). Safety matters to you, so it matters to us, it’s as simple as that!

“Our focus is on ensuring that young children travel in the safest manner possible, depending upon their size and age. This means rearward-facing up to the age of at least 3 or 4 years and after that with child seats or booster cushions up to 140 cm in height. The safety benefits are unquestionable, yet many parents unwittingly allow their children to sit forward-facing too early. One of the many reasons quoted for this is comfort – the child complains that there is not enough legroom, or is too warm due to the upholstery. We believe that children will be more comfortable in our rearward-facing new seat and that this will encourage parents to keep their children rearward-facing for longer. This will have a direct impact on overall child safety and support our Vision 2020, where no one will be killed or seriously injured in a Volvo car by the year 2020.” said Lotta Jakobsson, Adjunct Professor, PhD and Senior Technical Leader, Injury Prevention at Volvo Cars Safety Centre

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