Drive smarter, safer with Volvo IntelliSafe

No one can argue that Volvo doesn't strive for innovation -- or a downright automotive safety revolution. Come 2020, Volvo aspires to have eliminated all Volvo-related car accidents, and the brand is already equipping its new Volvo models with the safety systems that are working to accomplish this.


They're bundled in a suite of features called Volvo IntelliSafe. Included in the current IntelliSafe package is adaptive cruise control, which allows drivers to set a following distance with the car in front. They brake, the Volvo brakes. They slow down, the Volvo slows down. It's as simple and as safe as it sounds, and you can experience it for yourself when you test drive any of the equipped vehicles here at Byers Volvo in Columbus, OH.


Catch a glimpse into Volvo's future when you watch the brief video below, and feel free to drop by our showroom at your convenience to see how Volvo's dream of zero accidents is becoming a reality.

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