What Can a Volvo Engine Do to a Tractor?

When most people think of tractors, they generally don't think of speed. But that's only because they haven't seen the tractor in this video.

A few guys from the Swedish tire company, Vianor, modified a 1956 Volvo BM Terrier tractor and replaced some of its parts to make it fast and powerful. Watch the video to see what this thing can do.

They got rid of the tractor's original engine and replaced it with a Volvo 940 turbo. This turned the ordinary tractor into a speed demon, capable of what you saw in the video. Here at Byers Volvo, we wish we could have been there to witness the crazy stuff this tractor was able to do. It's obvious that a Volvo engine was the right choice.

If you'd like to find out what these engines can do when they're in something other than a tractor, come on down to our Columbus, OH showroom. We would love to show you what some of our new Volvo models can do.

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