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What Can a Volvo Engine Do to a Tractor?

When most people think of tractors, they generally don't think of speed. But that's only because they haven't seen the tractor in this video.

A few guys from the Swedish tire company, Vianor, modified a 1956 Volvo BM Terrier tractor and replaced some of its parts to make it fast and powerful. Watch the video to see what this thing can do.

They got rid of the tractor's original engine and…

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Some Things About Volvo Never Change

It's pretty clear that Volvo vehicles have progressed since they first hit the streets in 1927. Styles have been updated and technology has seriously advanced since then. So these cars must be totally different now, right? Not exactly. Yes, the technology has been updated and the style has changed, but the basis of these cars has always been safety and durability. That's something that will always stay the same.

Here at Byers Volvo…

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Volvo May Be Nixing Pedestrian Airbags in Favor of Safer Technologies

Technology moves fast, and the automotive industry is no exception to that rule. Something that can be brand new and mold-breaking one day will be on the out a year later in place of something better by leaps and bounds. So, speaking of which, Volvo has determined that moving on from pedestrian airbags may be the thing to do for the future of safety features.

Several models were created with an external airbag to help…

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