Volvo Concept Estate Debuts at Geneva Motor Show

In a previous post from last month, we here at Byers Volvo were speculating on what the latest concept from the Volvo brand would entail. At that time, details were very limited but we are happy to report that the model has recently made its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show to our delight as it gives us all of those need-to-know details that we were craving. First things first, let's take a look at the new Volvo Concept Estate in all of its glory by watching the video clip of it in action below.

This concept is designed as a tribute to the Swedish automaker's heritage of building new Volvo models that exude luxury and style. While this theme remains unchanged on the series of new concepts, it ushers in a new type of creativity for the brand.

Is there a particular feature on the new Concept Estate that grabbed your eye, reader? Let us know your thoughts on this new model in the comments section, or feel free to top by our Columbus, OH showroom to chat in person.

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