Volvo Works on a Self-Parking Model

Designers and engineers for Volvo must be busy every single work day, because they're constantly introducing exciting cars and technologies that are both conceptual and available to consumers now. If you've ever had an "if only our car did this..." moment, Volvo has probably thought about it and is developing a way for your car to live up to the desire.

Parking in a city like Columbus, OH always involves a little wishing and praying. It's one of the not exciting aspects of owning a car, so if this autonomous parking technology were available for production you wouldn't have to drive around with fingers crossed.

There's no word when this technology is expected to be available, but Volvo is always coming out with new features, so stay tuned to our blog for more updates.

In the meantime, many new Volvo models come with great standard and available convenience and safety technologies. Come see us at Byers Volov for a test drive.

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