Volvo Makes ADAS New Standard Feature

Do you know a lot about the technology behind Driver Monitoring Systems? Don’t be ashamed, not many do.  But, it is a newer technology that more and more vehicles are coming equipped with.  This is precisely why Byers Volvo thought it would be a great idea to tell you a little about the innovative technology.  And, we are even more thrilled to announce that we have heard reports that this revolutionary technology will be featured in each and every future Volvo model.

If you consider yourself a technology buff you are most likely interested in learning how this is unique from Volvo’s current offerings. Gareth Owen, Principal Analyst at ABI Research explains the systems by stating, "DMS systems such as Mercedes-Benz's 'Attention Assist' and Volvo and Volkswagen's 'Driver Alert' systems were the first ADAS systems to be offered as standard equipment by OEMs, albeit only in a small selection of models."1  This technology is becoming more and more popular as the technology evolves.

But, what are ADAS systems, and what do they do? The technology dates back to 2006, the year Toyota released a technology that monitored the driver's face via a camera in the dashboard to heighten safety.  Today, the technology focuses more on the vehicle than monitoring the driver. As these technologies improve, and become more reasonably priced we will see them featured on more and more vehicles.

Are you still unsure how ADAS technology will benefit you and your loved ones? If so, we invite you to stop by Byers Volvo in Columbus, Ohio to speak with one of our knowledgeable brand ambassadors. We will discuss the technology, compare models and answer all of your questions about any new Volvo auto.

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