Volvo May Be Nixing Pedestrian Airbags in Favor of Safer Technologies

Technology moves fast, and the automotive industry is no exception to that rule. Something that can be brand new and mold-breaking one day will be on the out a year later in place of something better by leaps and bounds. So, speaking of which, Volvo has determined that moving on from pedestrian airbags may be the thing to do for the future of safety features.

Several models were created with an external airbag to help soften the impact in case of a pedestrian collision. Just like it sounds, the airbag would deploy on the outside of the car to provide cushioning. However, Volvo senior VP Lex Kerssmakers said at the Tokyo Motor Show that the system might not be used in the next generation XC90, as well as all non-SUV models.

Instead new indirect technologies will fill its absence, such as pedestrian detection and automatic braking. These will do one better by helping to better avoid collisions in the first place, rather than make them less dangerous. We support such ideas; you can't halt the march of technological advancement!

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