Volvo Remote Start

Volvo Remote Start Now Available!

Volvo is pleased to announce the launch of the highly anticipated engine remote start accessory.  The Volvo Engine Remote Start (ERS) allows the driver to start the car by simply pushing a button sequence on their existing Volvo key fob. Now, the car can warm up or cool down to a desired temperature before the driver and passengers enter the vehicle.

The vehicle will heat or cool to the same temperature settings that were in place when the car was turned off. The car will run up to 15 minutes before shutting off making customers comfortable from the moment they enter the car ? whether it's a frigid winter morning or a hot summer day.

Important Note: There is no need to purchase a new key FOB on either MY 2012 and 2013

vehicles when installing the remote start.  The Key FOB (Both PCC and non PCC) will work with the Engine Remote Start software.  However, please be aware that the PCC key FOB on the MY 2012 vehicles will not show confirmation that the car has started.  If the customer requires this functionality then they will have to purchase a new 2013 Key FOB.

The Engine Remote Start is available for the following models

XC60 MY 2012 & 2013
S60 (T6) MY 2012 & 2013 (Ch 076075 -)

S60 (T5) MY 2013 only

XC70 MY 2012 & 2013

S80 MY 2012 & 2013

MSRP $499.00

Additional Benefits and Safety Features

Remote start can be activated up to 2 times in a row at 15 minutes each time, after the 2nd activation the car must be restarted normally by inserting the key fob and push the start button in the ignition.

Remote start will only activate when the car is in park and all doors locked. The vehicle will shut down when any doors are opened, or the brakes or shifter is activated.

Engine remote start is switched off when motion is detected in the passenger compartment, when fuel level is lower than 2.6 gallons, coolant level too low, low battery voltage, or there are any errors in the engine management System.

MY 2013 cars with the PCC key fob can check whether ERS has started by pressing the information button, a green light illuminates on the lock button and red light on the Approach light button.  MY 2012 cars with the PCC key FOB do not have this functionality. However customers may purchase a new key FOB which will provide this feature.

Technical Tips

After a successful download of the ERS software you must first follow these steps.

1. Start the engine the normal way by pressing the start button (not by ERS)
2. Turn off the engine.

3. Lock the vehicle.

4. Wait for about 2 minutes until the vehicle has gone to sleep-mode.

5. Start the engine with the ERS according to instruction below.

6. If the engine does not start go back to step 3

Note: some customer setting may have been reset due to the ERS download,

Please check all window settings etc.

How to start the engine by ERS

1. Lock the vehicle.
2. Press
Lock button on the remote control.

3. Press and hold the
Approach light button (the button with the light symbol) on the remote control for more than 2 seconds.

The turn indicator lights on the vehicle will flash for a few seconds and then the engine will start.

How to turn the engine off after an ERS start.

1. Press the lock or the un-lock button on the remote control.