Volvo Service Oil Change

Frequently Asked Questions About Volvo Oil Changes

Many people come to Byers Volvo Cars asking what the real importance of oil changes are and if they make a difference in the way your vehicle functions. In short, oil changes are significant and can improve the way your car functions as you drive around Lancaster, OH. If you're still skeptical about their importance, read on to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Oil Changes

How often should I get an oil change, mileage or time?

Every vehicle id different and that's why we encourage all of our customers living in and around Westerville to refer back to their owner's manual. Inside your owner's manual, it will tell you exactly when and what kind of oil your car requires. However, as a good rule of thumb, we invite all of our New Albany customers and beyond to bring their vehicle to our service center every 3,000 miles or approximately every two-three months, depending on how often you drive.

Can I just put oil in my car Instead of getting an oil change?

While adding oil to your vehicle, if it is low is important, you cannot forgo an oil change by just adding new oil. Doing this actually can make your car perform poorly. It is important to drain the old oil in you vehicle because as you continue to drive your oil gets dirty and can clog the moving parts in your engine.

What are the advantages of synthetic oil over conventional oil?

There are a few advantages to synthetic oil over conventional oil the first being that it flows easier in cold weather. And, it also is highly resistant to viscosity breakdown allowing it to flow nicely in all temperatures, friction, and chemical contaminants. Some vehicles can extend their drain intervals and therefore help the environment by using less oil.

Learn More About Oil Changes at Byers Volvo Cars

When you're ready, we invite you to make the short drive from New Albany to our Volvo dealership to get your oil changed with us. We look forward to helping you today!