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Why Byers Volvo?

Are you searching for the perfect Volvo and having a hard time when you shop with other dealers? Or maybe you have your heart set on a specific model and just can't find it. Well don't get discouraged, here at Byers Volvo we can help you can get your hands on the Volvo of your dreams by ordering your Volvo you will save time and energy. Don't settle for a vehicle you don't love. Let our dealership help get you into your next Volvo by ordering today. Start the process by completing the form below and we will get started.


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Why Inventories are Dwindling

The pandemic has caused problems across all aspects of the supply chain. The automobile industry is struggling to manufacture new vehicles and get them out to dealerships. One of the main reasons for this is due to chip shortages. It's slowing down the manufacturing process - and it could be months before dealerships start to see more vehicles added to their inventory. Although inventories are dwindling, it doesn't mean that you have to wait to buy a car. Ordering a Volvo starts the buying process before the vehicle arrives on the lot. Our highly trained sales staff will work with you do identify the features and aspects that you want in your Volvo.


The Benefits of Ordering a Volvo At Byers Volvo

When you order your Volvo, you're able to choose the trim, the color, and all of the available features that you want. When you shop the inventory of a dealership, you're only options are what they have available at the time you visit. This means you might not get exactly what you want. When you visit the Volvo website you are able to pick and choose from all of the options and create a package that is truly one of a kind and personalized to you. We want to give you that experience so ordering a Volvo with Byers Volvo means you never need to compromise.