Get a Look at These Volvo XC90 Safety Features

The Volvo XC90 was recently delivered to the lot at Byers Volvo Cars and we needed to take a minute to highlight a few of the safety features we think contribute to the growing popularity of this luxury SUV.

If the Volvo XC90 drifts from the lane you're traveling, Lane-Keeping System sensors mounted on the vehicle detect the concern and will send a signal to vibrate the steering wheel. This vibration is designed to replicate riding over rumble strips and will get the driver to take quick action to correct the position of the SUV.

The Adaptive Cruise Control in the Volvo XC90 does more than simply maintain a desired speed. Once the speed is chosen, the system uses radar to scan far ahead to locate and mark a lead car, creating an invisible buffer which will be maintained automatically by speeding up or braking without any additional help from the driver.



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