Semi-Autonomous Driving in the Volvo V90

Volvo is known for their innovations in technology and driving safety. The new V90 offers a brand-new way to travel. This popular luxury wagon is available at Byers Volvo Cars with the Pilot Assist system. It's a semi-autonomous driving system that can help you cruise comfortably.

The system uses cameras and sensors to monitor the road. The equipment will keep an eye out on other drivers, look for possible obstacles, and read the road markings. Once initiated, you can set your speed and the time gap between you and driver ahead of you. From there, the V90 will take care of acceleration, braking, and even steering.

Drivers in Columbus will still need to stay alert on the road. The system requires you to place your hands on the steering wheel at all times. If you take your hands off, the system will turn off. While you're on the road, the V90 may also provide you with important safety alerts from complementary systems.



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