Signs Your Tires Need to Be Replaced

There are a number of different parts of your vehicle that need to be replaced and repaired on a regular basis in order to protect your investment and keep your vehicle running smoothly. Your tires are one of these parts of your vehicle and neglecting to replace them when needed can be a real safety concern. We here at Byers Volvo Cars want to let you know some common signs that your tires need to be replaced so you know what to watch for:

  • Watch the tread on your tires. When they are getting low on all four tires you will want to start budgeting for tires and maybe do some shopping around. We can help you determine if you need new tires or have some time left if you are unsure.
  • On average, tires will last you about six years so watch the calendar and give or take a few months depending on how often you drive.
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