Car Collector Andrew Vogel Appreciates the Elegant Volvo XC90

For Andrew Vogel, cars have always held his interest. As he grew up and became a collector, he began to see them more as “moving sculpture,” than as machines of transportation. When he was introduced to the award-winning Volvo XC90, he was immediately smitten. Take a moment to travel along with him as he extolls the virtues of this elegant luxury SUV from Volvo, and if you find yourself so inspired, we’ll be waiting for you here at Byers Volvo to take one out for a spin yourself!

From the beautifully designed interior, featuring available wood trims and two-tone interior, to the available 360° Camera, the Volvo XC90 brings a lot to the table. The XC90 hits the mark in nearly all respects, and because it’s part of the Volvo lineup, you know that “all of that [comes] wrapped in a Volvo Safety package,” as Mr. Vogel so aptly put it.

When you need uncompromised luxury, utility, and performance, it’s hard to do better than the Volvo XC90, so if you find yourself in the market, come on into our showroom, conveniently located on 301 North Hamilton Road, Columbus, OH. We’ll introduce you to the fan-favorite XC90, but if any of our other new Volvo models happen to pique your interest while you’re in, don’t hesitate to take it out for a test drive—sometimes our perfect match finds us, not the other way around!

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