Safety Check for 2014 Volvo Models in Columbus, Ohio

Our collection of new Volvo vehicles provide drivers with many comforts, confidence, and the security that they are safe behind the wheel thanks to a suite of features aimed at protecting and preventing us from any sort of accident. That's been true for years, and in order to ensure it, Volvo must be as transparent as possible.

That's why they've issued a recall notice for selection 2014 models equipped with keyless entry, including the XC70, XC60, S80 and S60.


The Central Electronic Control Module, which is responsible for powering many aspects of the car, needs to fix a software issue. It has been causing the windshield wipers to run continuously even if turned off, and can also cause cruise control, headlights, high beams, and turn signals not to work correctly.

If your vehicle has been impacted, contact us here at Byers Volvo today. We will make sure you get set up with a service and auto repair appointment to install the new software and get you back on the road feeling safe and secure behind the wheel of your Volvo.

This effort just goes to show you how committed Volvo is to its customers, and that we should all remember, despite the setback, the vehicles in our Columbus, Ohio showroom remain some of the most innovative and safe models around. To learn more, stop in and see us, where our team would be happy to answer any questions you might have, provide additional details, and answer any questions you might have.

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