Volvo: a Company Founded Over a Fish Dinner

Have you heard the funny story about how automaker Volvo got started in the business? It's a bit fishy. OK, maybe that was a silly pun, but really, the company did start over a plate of crayfish. This is how the story goes:

The two men at the now infamous fish dinner were Assar Garielsson and Gustaf Larson. Garielsson was a sales guy for a Swedish ball-bearing company and an economics major; he later handled the company's finances. Larson had big ideas. He was involved in the design of Morris engines as a trainee. He was also a noted engineer and designer.

The two men worked together in the early 1900s, and they took this crayfish dinner in 1924 as a time to reconnect. There, they created their plan to building a unique Scandinavian auto company that would influence the industry for years to come and be highly respected within that industry. It would also give Swedish drivers an alternative to the American cars currently being sold there.

The two entrepreneurs called their idea "The Swedish Car," and it was developed to rough the climate in their home country. The first Volvo vehicle rolled off production lines in 1927- less than three years after they sat down for fish.

Of course, the story doesn't end there. Volvo is still producing its incredible vehicles, and we believe that both of these founding partners would be very proud of the direction the company is headed. To see how their legacy still lives on today, visit Byers Volvo, located in Columbus, Ohio, and check out our selection of new Volvo vehicles.

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